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Aug 28th - Sept 2nd

Couple at Single Mingle Event!

Just some of the events that we have provided

Couples Dance Classes
Rooftop Speed Dating
Cenote Experience
Tequila and Taco Tasting
Here's what to expect:

We give you the unique opportunity to meet beautiful, intelligent, single Mexican women who are real and are interested in meeting men like YOU! These events are all inclusive, providing you travel, delicious food, drinks, and all the different events that we provide.

You can use our services to write/talk to these single women online, but you can also enjoy the vacation adventure of a lifetime with one of our exciting group singles tours to the Ukraine (temporarily limited), Latin American, or Asia. And we believe that you will find that our tours will cost the same or less as the average travel agencies for the same travel, EXCEPT that you will meet hundreds of beautiful, sincere, single women along the way which you otherwise could not experience!

Your Pre-Event Checklist

You MUST use a computer for this event. Couple has not yet been optimized for mobile devices, and mobile users will NOT be able to access the event.

Find a quiet spot with good lighting and a strong internet connection.
Prepare a few questions to ask your dates.
Use a computer with Chrome browser for the best experience.
Pick out your date-night shirt.
Use a headset and ensure your audio/video settings are good to go before logging in.
Pour yourself a cold drink, relax. and most importantly, be your awesome self!
Need a refresher on Couple's Rules of Engagement? Check them out here